Vox n Roll Questions

Vox n Roll is a literary evening held a the Highbury Garage in London. Authors are invited to choose a selection of music and read passages from their work. I shared a podium with the singer Zodiac Mindwarp. He turned out to be a twat. Anyway, Vox n Roll ask their authors questions for the flyer...

Place of birth

Leicester, home to Gary Lineker, Walkers crisps and Yeah Yeah Noh.

Authors particularly admired

Off the top of my head: Ian Fleming, Jonathan Lethem, Richard Price, John O’Brien, Milan Kundera and Stephen King – but I’m not a slavish follower of any one author. I tend to prefer finding someone new.

Favourite music

The Fall, and any music that sounds as if it was made by earnest people in a damp, smoky room somewhere, so anything goes, from Belle And Sebastian to Godspeed and Wu Tang – it's good
if it’s got that feel.

Favourite films

Unforgiven, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Aliens, Witchfinder General, Requiem For A Dream.

Favourite intoxicant


What are the strength and weaknesses of contemporary publishing ?

It’s gentlemanly, which is surprising and refreshing. The downside of this is that it tends not to shout loudly enough.

Most treasured possesssion

A jar of caviar taken from the set of Zukovsky’s casino in The World Is Not Enough. It has a picture of Robbie Coltrane on it…

What do you think of the Booker Prize ?

I look at it the same way I look at the Oscars – from afar.

What would you most liked to have written ?

Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love. It’s got the perfect mix of character and plot, a real page-turner. For me, cracking that is the holy grail.