64 Clarke

“Witty, exciting and frequently brutal, this novel is at least as good as Martin Amis at his best.”

Tom Boncza-Tomaszewski, The Independent (full review here)

“He bombards the reader with fresh, funny observations in a style both wry and poignant. He has grasped that hip young writers’ grail – becoming the “British Elmore Leonard” – by imitating not Leonard but PG Wodehouse writing a particularly fine episode of Eastenders.”

Jeremy Jehu, Daily Telegraph (full review here)

“This novel is fast paced, full of suspense and has flashes of black humour- as you would expect from a critically acclaimed author. A brilliant, dark read that will keep you up all night turning pages.”

Natasha Harding, The Sun (yes, The Sun!)

“This character, Chick, is worthy of Martin Amis at his scatalogical best. The ingenuity with which the author interweaves their respective stories with that of the Snape family is considerable and his charaterisations and descriptions of the grimy reality of 21st century urban life are admirably deft. The ending is wholly satisfying: a morality tale without moralising.”

Christina Koning, The Times (full review here)

“Holmes, whose first novel was shortlisted for the W H Smith New Talent Award, is an excellent writer with an acute eye, plenty of compassion, and splendidly dry humour. A classy piece of fiction.”

Natasha Cooper, (full review here)

“There are times, reading 64 Clarke, when you think, “if Martin Amis was less concerned with style and more interested in fashioning a story — like he was circa London Fileds — he would write like this. 64 Clarke is a corker.”

Bookmunch (full review here)

“A black comedy worthy of Elmore Leonard.”

Toronto Sun

“More darkly comic moments than any reader has a right to expect.”

Ian O’Doherty, Irish Independent

“Andrew Holmes first two novels were fantastically entertaining, but 64 Clarke is something else. This is the novel that will make his name, a cross between Ian McEwan’s A Child in Time and Elmore Leonard. It takes every parent’s biggest nightmare as a starting point and uses it for a thriller that will terrify and delight in equal measures.”

Matt Thorne, author of Cherry

“Holmes has a gift for dissecting the lives of small crooks with big dreams and bigger problems.”

Scotland on Sunday

All Fur Coat Quotes

I’m very jealous of Andrew Holmes. This is mean, twisted and hilarious.

Jenny Éclair

Showcasing a genius for the sort of venemous one-liners mere mortals can only dream of, Holmes explores London’s chirpy underbelly

Daily Mirror

A slick seedy affair that bears comparison with Martin Amis’s London Fields. Exceptionally visceral writing.

Scotland on Sunday

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A great read


Holmes has a great line in drunken, rage-filled monologues which collapse into pathos.’

Literary Review

A fascinating insight into the nature of celebrity and obsession.

Red Magazine

Holmes is a very funny storyteller

The Times


Information on my first novel, plus a free first chapter to read.

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And here’s information on the second one…